Review: London Massage Therapist – Award Winning Energya – Paola Bassanese by Lilinha Angel (Guest Blogger)

Lilinha has enjoyed a massage from London based, massage therapist Paola Bassanese of Energya. Her website is listed on – Here is Lilinha Angel’s review: ————– Last weekend I finally had the pleasure of having a massage treatment from Paola Bassanese, award winning massage therapist from Energya in London. Paola is always busy and … Continue reading

B Organic Skincare product review: My son had suffered from eczema for 5 years by Natasha (Guest blogger)

Natasha”s experience with B Organic Skincare ———————– My 10 year old son had suffered from chronic eczema for 5 years. I tried baby wash and soothing balm nothing ever worked. We tried steroids and every emollient out there, he wore all in one dressings 24 hours a day and had to be sedated at night due … Continue reading

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