Review: London Massage Therapist – Award Winning Energya – Paola Bassanese by Lilinha Angel (Guest Blogger)

Lilinha has enjoyed a massage from London based, massage therapist Paola Bassanese of Energya. Her website is listed on – Here is Lilinha Angel’s review:


Last weekend I finally had the pleasure of having a massage treatment from Paola Bassanese, award winning massage therapist from Energya in London.

Paola is always busy and now I can clearly see why: her magic hands! I was given a deep tissue massage and slimming massage on my legs. When I arrived, I was feeling quite tired and tense.

As I’m always running around and I don’t have much time to relax, it was a lovely treat being able to close my eyes and relax. I must admit I haven’t had a professional massage in a couple of years, so I forgot how great it was.

London massage review

Award-winning London massage

Before the treatment, Paola asked me a few questions to find out about any existing medical conditions and which treatment I would like. As my muscles were quite tense, deep tissue massage should help me to relax.

Using a mix of techniques drawing from Shiatsu, deep tissue and soft tissue release, pressure points, Indian head massage and stretching, a seated or lying down back, neck and shoulders massage is highly effective for stress, tension, headaches and localised muscle pain.

Paola gradually increased the pressure applied on my back and shoulders, always consulting me to check if it was ok. At the beginning of the treatment, I was told that my shoulders were higher than they should be due to tension and stress, so Paola worked her magic hands on my shoulders.

Before getting pregnant, I had a serious back pain. Although my back pain got better since giving birth, I still have lower back pain. Once I told Paola about my back pain, she could feel exactly where the pain was and work through it. Paola spent a long time on my back and shoulders, deep tissue massage was excellent, I could definitely feel the difference after the treatment.

Once my back and shoulders were more relaxed, it was time to try Energya slimming massage. The Energya® slimming massage can be a great boost before your holiday to get into a better shape. By working with deep tissue and friction techniques, fat deposits are broken down for easier re-absorption into the blood stream and lymphatic system to be eliminated.

You can see results in just one session but regular treatments can have a more dramatic effect on your shape. You could potentially lose 1-2cm in one session (depending on body types, skin conditions and body fat percentage), improve the appearance of cellulite and feel more confident with your body. Inch loss is extremely individual and it is a temporary result caused by the friction and drainage of toxins from the tissues. The key is to have 1 or 2 treatments a week for best results together with an appropriate diet and exercise programme.

I have never had a slimming massage before, so it was my first time. I am glad I was in such good hands. Paola knew exactly what she was doing and I could feel her working through my thighs while I was lying down with my eyes closed. I wish I took my measurements before the treatment, so I could report back to my readers. Sliming massages are a great way to sculpt and reshape your body. Now that I had my first sliming massage, I want to go back for further sessions with Paola.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my massage treatment with Paola. She is a well deserved award winning massage therapist. It was definitely the best massage I had so far and I would be going back for more soon. If you live in London or coming for the Olympic Games, make sure you book an appointment with Paola. She has several clients and is always very busy, so book early to avoid any disappointments.


With our thanks to Lilinha for this review – Her blog is can be found at – Post originally published on 22nd July 2012
Energya’s award-winning massage website is listed on the London massage page of – as at February 2014 – For more reviews, please visit the category menu.

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  2. Deep Tissue Massage Deep-tissue massage is a vigorous therapy used to loosen areas of hardened or inflexible muscles and tissues. It targets the deep layers of your muscles and tendons, helping to release tension and chronic muscle pain. Deep, pressurized strokes are usually made along or across the muscles. Because deep tissue massage uses slower and deeper strokes than Swedish massage therapy, you may feel a little pain immediately following your treatment. However, this pain should disappear within a day or so.

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