Karen’s Visit to Calvert Trust Exmoor

Karen, Carol & Lynne experience with the Calvert Trust Exmoor


We set off Friday morning with a strategically packed car and a picnic lunch. Lots of thought had gone into the preparation for Karen’s first trip to the Calvert Trust Exmoor. We received a warm welcome from the reception staff and the smell of mulled wine and home made mince pies was even more inviting. Unloading the car in the rain did nothing to dampen our spirits and we were soon unpacked, beds chosen and ready for dinner. Happy too that all seemed to be in place in our apartment. The evening meal turned out to be a delicious home cooked meal with enough options to suit us all.

We knew the Calvert Trust was all about outdoor adventure but this was December it was a Christmas break all about Christmas dinners and discos wasn’t it?. Well yes but with a bit more thrown in! We received our programme for the weekend abseiling, zip wire, assault course, crate stacking, quad biking really? After taking in all the information,’ Team Karen’ decided that an early night was required.

Adventure holidaysSaturday morning arrived, a hearty breakfast was eaten and we went off to meet our instructor Kate for our first activity, abseiling, so much for breaking us in gently!

We kitted Karen up and transferred her to a manual chair, lowering gradually began, Karen did show some signs of trepidation but with bundles of encouragement from the group Karen was soon smiling, happy with her first achievement. First challenge completed!

Not very long after 7AM Sunday morning Karen was heard calling to get up (not something we are generally used to) she was keen to join her new found friends for breakfast. Kate had adapted the days programme to allow Karen to visit the stables and groom the horses. (It always appeared that nothing was too much trouble for Calvert Trust staff.)

Karen was then introduced to her quad bike (Tramper). Karen transferred reasonably easily to the quad bike, and the expression on her face once positioned said it all. Karen was in control and ready for her tour round the lake. Karen sent Lynne and Carol off to sort their own bikes and she started her journey with Kate in tow.

Karen could be heard weaving her way round the lake and laughingly saying that she was going to ask her case manager for a quad bike when she returned home. Kate expressed that the pause alone was enough for her satisfaction but Karen’s obvious delight at using the bike was a bonus. Karen lasted a good couple of hours on the bike in some quite inclement weather, becoming quite dexterous in controlling the direction and speed of the bike. It was quite a revelation to see.

The afternoon activities were situated in the sports hall. The basics of crate stacking was explained to us. This time it was Carols turn to work with Karen, her fear of heights now greatly diminished. Some of the team had control of the ropes and the rest helped to build the tower. Karen gave lots of positive encouragement to the rest of the group when they were completing their activities and showed interest in all their achievements. It was another great day.

Karen had actively taken part in all activities and achieved things none of us thought were possible before the trip. We were all on a high when we went for dinner that night.

Karen was not so keen to get up the next morning, realising it was time to head home. A little after the 10AM deadline however everyone was up and dressed, the apartment cleared and car repacked. When we returned our key to reception we discovered, much to our surprise, our prizes for winning the Christmas quiz. Another little achievement to add to the many this weekend had brought to us all.

Final goodbyes were said, purchases were made from the gift shop and Karen assured everyone she would be back next year. We somewhat reluctantly left the Calvert Trust Exmoor knowing all our expectations had been greatly surpassed.

Karen, Carol & Lynne


Karen, Carol & Lynne stayed at the Calvert Trust Exmoor in December 2011

The Calvert Trust Exmoor is listed on the adventure holidays page of verygoodservice.com – as at March 2012

One Response to “Karen’s Visit to Calvert Trust Exmoor”
  1. Rick says:

    Quad bike riding is one of those things that looks like remarkable fun, then you actually do it and it’s even more fun than you thought! I had exactly the same reaction my first ride, I had to get hold of my own!

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