Customer Service Awards

This is a list of organisations which run customer service awards, either as a complete award event focused on customer service or as a subsection, part of a broader award ceremony. Most of these customer service awards will use different scores or evaluation system so it is worthwile visiting their website to learn more. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by leaving a comment below to submit another award to be listed on this page.

  • Customer Service of the Year
  • – These UK customer service awards are open to companies across all sectors who deal directly with the public. They are based on independent research based on thousands of mystery shops to uncover the businesses which offer the best customer service. For the 2018 awards, the entry deadline is on 30th April 2017. More information on the Customer Service of the Year website:

  • Financial Adviser Service Awards
  • – These Service Awards recognise financial institutions which provide a high quality of customer service to their intermediary clients and therefore contribute to drive service standards improvemenets within the retail finance marketplace. Recent service awards took place on 27th November 2014 and a list of winners can be found on the Service Awards website :

  • Conlumino Customer Satisfaction Awards

    – run by Conlumino, these awards take place during the Future Retail Strategies Conference and are primarily covering the retail sector. They include many categories, including the award for Best Customer Service Experience.

  • UK Customer Satisfaction Awards

    – organised by the Institute of Customer Service, it recognises organisations and individuals which have succesfully developped and implemented a successful customer service strategy. they are judged by industry experts, business leaders and academics –

  • Moneywise Customer Service Awards

    – run by Moneywise, these awards are focused on the financial sector and are voted by the public –

  • Best Consumer Customer Service Award

    – This is  one of the categories of the awards organised by the The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK), the UK’s Trade Association for providers of Internet services. The winners are selected by judges based on a range of criteria which may include a number of items such as Speed of answering customer queries or Innovation in billing and customer contact – For more information about the 2014 edition visit:

  • Best Service Desk Award

    – This award is for internal IT service and support teams which provide help to internal or external customers. It is part of the IT Service and Support Awards organised by the Service Desk Institute. The submission for 2014 closes on 15th March 2014. More information can be found on:

  • CCA Excellence Awards

    – These awards are organised by The Customer ontact Association which is a leading independent authority on customer contact strategies and operations. The awards comprise many categories such as Best Customer Experience Centre, Customer Service Complaints Team and Back Office Customer Service Team. Entries is open to bth members and non-members of the association. More information about the awards can be found on:

  • The CRM Service Awards

    – proposed by CRM magazine, they acknowledge the leading vendors, rising stars, and best deployments in customer service over the past year. Candidates are rated against a scoring matrix adapted to each of the category awards.

  • The Cards and Payments Awards

    – Best Achievement in customer service – Proposed by Cards & Payments World, this industry specific award is focused on the financial services sector or retailers providing their branded payment tool.

  • The Kent Invicta Chamber Business Awards,

    organised by The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, have a dedicated category called Excellence In Customer Service 2013 with particular emphasis on handling and managing customer complaints and feedback as well as staff development in relation to customer care.

  • The Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Customer Excellence Awards

    – proposed by Gartner, these awards reward topics such as customer experience excellence, customer service optimisation and customer analytics, being measured against the 8 Gartner CRM Building Blocks. More information available on their website:

  • The Forrester’s Outside In Awards

    : These awards recognise organizations that demonstrate excellence at the practices needed for planning, creating, and managing a great customer experience. They are awarded annually during the Forrester Customer Excellence Forum. – Previous winners which are featured on include American Express.

  • The Customer Service Training Awards

    – organised by the Customer Service Training Network which brings together people and organisations involved in customer service training and associated activities. They are specifically targeted at trainers and include diverse categories such as innovation of the year and social media awards.  For more information about the 2014 edition take a look at –

  • Cornwall Tourism Awards

    – these awards are hosted by Visit Cornwall and the Cornwall Development Company tourism service. They comprise over 19 categories and focus on businesses which represent the best image for the county’s tourism development. They propose a dedicated category for Outstanding Customer Service which was won by Christine Hornsby for the 2013/2014 edition. More about these awards can be found on their tourism awards page:

If you organise a dedicated customer service award ceremony in 2014 or you have a specific dedicated category, please do not hesitate to contact us if wish to be included in this customer service awards list.

Last updated January 2017


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