Best customer service articles 2014

We present here a selection of top customer service articles that we came across during the 2014 year:

This follows the first series of best customer service articles which we published last year. As before, for this 2014 edition of great customer service articles, we welcome comments, suggestions and reviews from our readers. Thank you for your input.

              1. Customer experience vs customer service

                This is an article from our sister publication Very Best Service and has the highest number of views so far for posts published in 2014. It argues that the difference between customer service and customer experience is largely semantics.  Recent trend seems to be using customer experience for positive outcomes when customer service might have more negative connotations. Companies should focus on achieving customer happiness and not worry so much about what name to give it.  People interested to read the full article can find it on

              2. 10 emerging examples of best practice in social customer service

                This article, published on the Econsultancy platform, is based on a keynote speech at the Social Customer Service Summit 2014 by social media strategist Martin Hill-Wilson. One of his key message is to think of social in a bigger context, as part of a multi-channel customer service strategy. The article is exploring many topics such as customer service channels fragmentation and consolidation, self-service and peer to peer service. A useful read. The full article can be found on

              3. Forrester’s Top Trends for Customer Service in 2014

                This article by Kate Leggett reflects on the key trends for 2014 in the field of customer service. Highlights include omnichannel service, mobile engagement, better use of customer feedback, exploit data analysis for better service delivery. This is a detailed article supported by quantitative data and we recommand you take some time to read it:

              4. The Ignored side of social media: Customer Service

                This Forbes article covers the relentless emergence of social media customer service, which triggers an exponential increase in customers’expectations. Brands have to adapt, not leave complaints unanswered and by using the right tone, use this major shift in customer behaviour to establish strong customer relations. The full article can be found on:

              5. Six customer service trends for 2014

                This is a preview of an article which was published at the end of 2013 and highlights which customer service trends have to be watched in 2014. It includes ideas such as paying more for better customer service, more use of Big Data in the context of customer service, increased personalisation and more use of the cloud. To read the full article, visit: –

              6. Retail trends in customer experience for 2014

                The article highlights trends which are totally pertinent to the customer service sphere. They include the need to obtain integrated omnichannel feedback to encompass the whole customer experience, a combination of solicitated and unsolicitated feedback, behaviour towards the brand and better use of Big Data. To read the full text, please visit: 

              7.  14 customer service questions to ask for 2014

                This article is built around a list of questions aimed at generating ideas and then stimulating a discussion and why not a debate about ways organisations could improve their customer service further. Some of the questions are internally focused whilst others deal directly with the customer interactions. To see the full list of customer service questions take a look at:

              8. Predictions for 2014: Computer technologies in the age of the customer

                Whilst this article is not strictly about customer service, it is useful as it demonstrates how the power of computing will increasingly used to the service of customers. Highlight predictions include in-store recognition whereby when you walk in the store, the retailer will know who you are and have the option to offer you a customised service and intelligent assistants which will become increasingly useable and why not help you in the purchase of services and goods when you need them. The full article is available here: 14 customer service questions to ask for 2014

              9.  29 customer service resolutions for 2014

                This is effectively a full shopping list of individual customer service policies that could be adopted by all the members of your team. Adopting the whole 29 might be too much to go for in one go but a useful exercise might be to organise a team event, rank them by order of importance and adopt the top 5, top 10 or an even higher number if the team is determined to improve its performance. The full list of resolutions can be found here :

              10. What customer service should look like

                This article published in February 2014 on the Forbes’ website examine the approach adopted by to companies which aim to excell in terms of customer service. Based on the author own experience of dealing with Braintree and Rackspace, not to name them, he draws out some common basics that companies must get right. The key factor is to have a service orientated culture and being able to maintain it through periods of growth and whilst expanding the staff headcount. the full article can be found on:  

              11. Comcast CEO Neil Smit Says Improving Customer Service Is His Top Priority

                This interview posted by TechCrunch in May 2014 discusses the future of Comcast and highlights how customer service has become the top priority of its CEO Neil Smit. In particular he flags that customers should know exactly when technicians will be visiting their home for an installation or a repair. It is yet another example of a large company placing customers at the centre of their business model and using customer service as a key sales, marketing and retention tool. The full interview can be found on:

Note: this list is not organised by order of preference, so in other words, the top 10 articles are not necessarily the top 10 in the list. They are not organised by chronological order either but added in the list as the next item when we identify an appropriate piece to add to the list. thanks for your understanding. Most of the articles come from reputable blogs and websites, please feel free to suggest any additions below.

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