Customer service news

How best to keep up to date with the latest customer service news? The main news organisations, channels and media organisations maintain customer news channels. We bring here our selection of website which offer such a service.

  • Bloomberg customer service news: runs a dedicated page covering the customer service topic. Includes news items from companies involved in the customer service sector, companies which make announcements about the way they handle customer service and analysis pieces. The page also includes photos, videos and related items. As Bloomberg is a news organisation, information is updated very frequently. For more information visit : Bloomberg Customer Service News
  • The Independent customer service news: is brought to you by the UK national newspaper The Independent. Provides broad coverage with company news, special customer service features and some feeds from social media stories. The website can be found here:
  • Entrepreneur customer service news: website presenting customer service news with an emphasis on analysis, blog posts and discussion pieces as opposed to company news. From time to time, Entrepreneur also features special reports on the topic of customer service. To learn more about their offer, visit their website: Entrepreneur Customer Service News
  • Alltop customer service news: despite its title, this is much more a customer service blog aggregator rather than a news aggregator. The website allows blog owners to register their blogs and if accepted, the last five blog posts of each publication are featured on the web page together with the first few lines of the blog text. Currently aggregates posts from over 50 blogs. The website can be seen at:  Alltop Customer service news
  • Fox business customer service news: The customer service related headlines are being reported by the business channel of Fox News, the US media broadcast network. It covers many topics such as practical advice on supplier selection, customer service related news from companies and research pieces. The news can be read here: Fox Business Customer service news
  • U.S.News & World Report: This 80 year-old news organisation has historically focused on certain sectors such as health, personal finance, education,travel, cars, news and opinion. It also publishes consumer guides to help its readers select providers and services. Its customer service news cover many topics such as complaints, jobs, rating reviews as well as more research based commentaries. For more information, read U.S. News Customer service topic
  • Huffington Post: The online news and magazine publisher runs many news stories about customer service including specific industry news, research pieces on specific topics and would cover interactions with customer service related activities within a company such as marketing and social media. Some published material also includes advice and tips on how to better customer service and guest writers also narrate their own customer experience with some of the largest brands. To read some of the news, visit the Huffington Post Customer service news channel

Last updated in January 2014


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