Greatest customer service stories

Great customer service stories are steadily gaining a higher profile. Indeed, as reputation for good service is becoming more important in the buying decision process, great customer service stories are increasingly catching the eye of the digital media experts and the social media crowd and propagating around the world, thereby creating a fantastic marketing platform for brands.

If you have missed them, here is our selection of some of the most famous customer service stories in the last few years:

Virgin Trains extend customer service to paper delivery (2015):
Virgin Trains social customer service is well known to regular travellers, especially to those soliciting help whilst on board one of their trains. Their recent response to a passenger who had run out of loo paper perfectly illustrates how a well coordinated approach between the social media teams and customer-facing staff can do wonder for their service reputationTo read the full story:

Wolves great customer service letter (2014):
Wolves footbal club comes up with great customer service response by sending an upside down letter of apologies when unhappy fan complains about a replica shirt.  The fan was also offered a match-day ticket and a chance to meet the club players before Wolves’ match against Shrewsbury on March 15 2014. To read the full story:

Metro North conductor (2014):
In a great example of an individual taking a customer service initiative in his own hands, a Metro North train conductor has distributed a letter of apology to passengers for giving them misleading information. He placed 500 copies of the letter on rail car seats one morning, demonstrating his dedication to the many passengers he knew personally. To read the full story:

Netflix Customer Service Rep (2013): This is the story of Mike, a Netflix customer service rep who pretends to be a Star Trek Captain and by holding a conversation with customer Norm about he performance of the good ship Netflix, manages to deliver an excellent customer service experience. To read more about this story:

Dunkin’ Donuts Employee (2013): A great story where against all odds, a customer service emploee keeps her cool when faced with strong abuse from a customer. All was captured on video as well. For more on this story:

Lego (2013): Luka, aged 7, loses a minifigure from his Lego set. An email later and the Lego customer service team comes to the rescue. The story gains worldwide coverage. A content curation of the coverage about the Lego story can be found here:

Sainsbury’s (2011-2012): Lily, 3 year old, writes to Sainsbury’s suggesting a new name for a loaf of bread. The customer service team response with a positive letter makes the headlines:

Krispy Kreme Customer service story (2012): A shop manager in a Krispy Kreme branch decide to treat her customer with a set of olympic rings. The beginning of a great story. For more information on this story and some press clippings:

South West Airlines (2011): A South West Airlines pilot takes it upon himself to delay a flight to allow a grand father to see his dying grand son one last time and comfort his daughter. The passenger had been held back in a long security line and the pilot took the decision to make this great customer service gesture despite this potentially affecting the airline reputation for punctuality. More about this story here:

If you have enjoyed reading about these stories, please let us know which one is your favorite by taking part in the poll below:


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