Very Good Service from British Airways by Ana (Guest Blogger)

We enjoy reading customer feedback about the way companies listed on have delivered a good experience. Here is Ana’s dealings with the airline British Airways


british airways boarding pass

british airways boarding pass

British Airways customer service

A huge challenge for flagship airlines is to deliver consistent quality service. If we exclude the technical aspect of transportation, we are talking about thousands of customer-facing employees and millions of passengers who, given various factors, have selected a particular airline for a trip. I am a frequent flyer and my choice of airline is, whenever possible, the UK’s flagship carrier, British Airways. The reasons for my choice are varied: I like the service levels, the prices, the offering in terms of travelling classes and destinations covered.

Achieving status on an airline loyalty programme is important to me, namely as the benefits that come with it are of value. For example, if you are Silver or Gold (there aren’t many real differences between them – BA treats Silver cardholders much better than any other programmes), you can check-in in business class and have lounge access (even if flying economy), can take an extra piece of luggage (VERY important to me), have priority boarding (which actually saves a lot of time) and being able to pre-select your seat when you book your ticket.

After a while, you start taking all of the above not as perks.. but as basic service levels. Is it unfair? I don’t think so. So it takes a lot more for frequent flyers to be impressed!

On a recent trip from Chicago to London, as a Gold cardholder, I was using the First Class lounge (even though I was flying business class, not first) with a guest (my husband, to be precise). We were close to boarding time and were surprised when the lounge receptionist announced that we could, after showing her our documentation of course, board straight from the lounge to the jetty, bypassing the boarding gate. I thought this was pretty impressive and was delighted to experience this. Of course this is only possible when the physical location of the lounge (and that extra little back door) permits. In more than 200 flights, this was the first time that this happened and certainly I hope not the last!

On the same flight, I saw the Cabin Services Director (fancy title, huh?) walking around the cabin with an iPad. Wondering what he was doing, I was very surprised when I found out he was looking for me and Mr O. For an upgrade to first? Sadly no, Mr CSD just wanted to say hello to us, welcome us on board and thanking us for choosing British Airways. Could he offer us a drink? But of course!

What did it cost British Airways to do this? Absolutely nothing. Did I like it? Oh yes – I felt special and valued and not just a number. Almost as good as when they say “Hello Mrs O, welcome back on board” almost every time I walk on to a plane (they can read the boarding pass).

Is this good service? I can’t think of anything better except that much wanted upgrade, which surely will come!


With our thanks to Ana  for this blog post – Ana is a blogger at

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