SureFlap review: service has been brilliant by Bob Proctor (Guest Blogger)

We enjoy reading real life stories on how companies listed on have delivered a good customer service experience.  Here is how Bob Proctor got on with SureFlap.


I bought a microchip catflap from SureFlap about 18 months ago and it’s been brilliant. I fitted it with help from the web-site and instructions. I then fitted a second one at a friend’s house. She is also really pleased with it. A few months ago the lock stopped working so I went on the web-site and followed instructions for cleaning the catch with WD40 and it worked perfectly again.

A few days ago the magnet on the bottom of the door fell off after fatigue on the plastic mount caused one side of the mount to break. It looked like I could carry on using it except that the door didn’t always close properly which meant my two cats couldn’t always get out. They were always able to get back in. So I ordered a new Front Frame Upgrade Kit. It arrived this morning (24 May) and I was able to fit it in about 30 mins with the help of SureFlap website video and the instructions it contained.

I now have a perfectly functioning Sureflap microchip catflap again which keeps out all the cats in my neighbourhood which used to come in and spray everywhere inside the house.

I promise you I don’t usually do this sort of thing (heard that one before) BUT I really wanted to let you know that the product is brilliant. SureFlap website is about the best product based website I’ve seen and the information on it, including the videos are clear and exceptionally easy to use. I really like the use of pdf downloads for information and for the order confirmation in my email – it’s nice and clear and neat and easy to read and understand. Now I also know that their marketing and sales are brilliant because the part I ordered arrived so quickly and, combined with the excellence of the information, I could resolve the problem with my cat flap very quickly. My two cats can come and go again without me having to worry.

So thanks – genuinely, thanks and praise are due to this company. I know it’s only a cat flap but I order a lot of items on the internet and most company web-sites are really good and often their service is good too. However, I think SureFlap is doing something exceptional and I just wanted to let you know.


With our thanks to Bob Proctor for this blog post – – Originally published in May 2011

SureFlap is listed on the online shopping page of – as at March 2012

One Response to “SureFlap review: service has been brilliant by Bob Proctor (Guest Blogger)”
  1. Juliette says:

    I agree. Their customer service is extraordinary. I had one that just stopped working after several years and they went out of their way to get a replacement to me. I foster cats and it’s really important for me to have a working, reliable cat flap. SureFlap customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered from any product provider of any type. Great product and outstanding customer service.


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