Product review Gower Cottage Brownies by the Foodbandit (Guest Blogger)

We enjoy reading real life stories about the way companies listed on have delivered a good customer service experience. Here is how The Food Bandit got on with Gower Cottage Brownies


Gower Cottage Brownies

I could see my life spinning away in front of my eyes. Everything I worked for was falling apart. The future was bleak. My wife would leave me, my business would fail in a matter of months, I would lose my house, and be shunned by all my friends. I could see it all now; the life I once had would drift away and leave me for dead. Soon I would be hauled up in an east london squat, half dressed, drifting from one hit to the next while the music from the strip bar below infected my brain. How could it get so bad? I had to stop this before it happened; I had to save myself and the life I had built.

It had happened so quickly. I had been wandering around the Real Food Festival debating which free food I would feast upon when I came across a stall manned by two sweet innocent looking people; it’s always the innocent ones you need to watch. Like Adam in the garden of eden they tempted me with a kindly looking basket containing small segments of midnight coloured brownie lightly dusted with a substance that made cocaine seem like playground sherbet. This hit of sweet and bitter chocolate consumed my soul, and I knew my life would never be the same again. Like a fiend we exchange cold hard cash for bag that would bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened Junkie.

Gower Cottage Brownies are the drug for this decade. They are the best tasting brownie I have ever eaten and clearly the work of truly devilish mind. The picture above shows the mastermind (left, Kate) who created these works of art. Each brownie has a slight crispness to the outside that delicately leads into the darkest moist centre that I could happily drown into. I don’t believe that any food is better than sex, but these come pretty close, and were I celibate I would happily spend my days with these delights.

Unlike any dealer I know Kate is happy to dispatch you my new drug of choice the very next day from her website. I can see this is going to be an expensive habit for me, and it will be a shame to lose all the things I love for this chocolaty narcotic, but I warn you once tried you will understand how worthwhile it is…


With our thanks to The Food Bandit for this blog post –– Originally published in May 2011


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