Busy Bee Candles Review by Vicki (Guest Blogger)

We enjoy reading real life stories about the way companies listed on verygoodservice.com have delivered a good customer service experience. Here is how Vicki got on with Busy Bee Candles


When I first started entering competitions on Twitter about four months ago,  the last thing I envisioned was that I was to become a customer of a delightful Welsh company called ‘Busy Bee Candles’.  Simply, m
y intention was to win things, not spend my money!
In the process of my daily ‘comping’, I entered one of Busy Bee Candles’ competitions to win some fragrance bars, not thinking very much of it.  However, after Busy Bees posted a picture of one of their Rottwei
lers in a subsequent post, being the great soppy I am for dogs, I started to talk to them about their pets.  My immediate impression was, ‘What charming, friendly people!’  This was enough to make me actually bother to peruse what they had to offer at their website.
I discovered that Haith and Dee, who have been making their own candles for their friends and family in Wales for years, have a vast selection of scents that can be bought in the form of candles, wax tarts, fragrance bars or essential oils. In fact, the range of scents currently numbers seventy five – a collection that is not to be sneezed at!  Having been spoilt for choice, and after a lot of umming and arring, I decided to plump for one o
f their premium candles – Tutti Frutti.  The premium candles take a little longer to arrive than the others in their standard range but this is because they are made to order.  Personally, I think it is worth it knowing that the candle is being made especially for me!
When the candle arrived, I was really struck with it.  It is housed within a hexagonal jar with a screw top and it is a cream candle with green, pink, orange and yellow elements running through it.  This varied visual appearance is no accident.  This candle, like all the other premium ones in their range, is designed to produce different scents at different times.  As I have found out over time, it does not fail to disappoint in this respect.  At one point, I was inhaling delightful, delicate vanilla, a short time later, it was the crisp tartness of apple and later, it was the summery freshness of peach and strawberry.  I was really impressed by the ability to actually discern the scents.  The strength of the candle is just right and remains consistent for all the scents – no one scent is more intense than the other.  I normally burn it in my bedroom and it can be clearly smelt coming
up the stairs.  I bought the candle approximately a month ago and I think I have about a week left.  I burn it every day, often at 3 hours a turn so this candle will have given me over 100 hours of burning time.
Haith and Dee are very generous.  I was thrilled to receive a free fragrance bar with my purchase – something which they give to all customers who mention ‘Twitter’ at the checkout.  The free bar I received was Baby Powder, something I would not have chosen myself.  However, it was really delightful.  It is a very strong scent and perfectly replicates a well-known brand of baby powder.  On burning it downstairs in the dining room, I could still smell it clearly when I was in the bathroom upstairs!  It really covers the whole house beautifully.  The small fragrance bar I received is very cost effective at £2.95 for at least 25 hours of fragrance.  If you do not own a burner for your fragrance bar, Haith and Dee offer a selection to purchase at very reasonable prices.
I was so impressed with both of these products that I have made a subsequent purchase!  Haith and Dee often have special offers at the weekend on Twitter and so, I took advantage of the ‘Spend £10 and get a mini
candle free’ offer.  I purchased 3 fragrance bars – Bramley Apple, Sweet Pea Arbour and Antique Sandalwood and was advised to try Mint Choc Shock as my free candle.  I was rather sceptical as I thought this candle could b
e far too sickly a scent.  However, I was willing to give it a go as it was not costing me anything!  And boy, was I glad that I took Busy Bees’ advice.  It is a delightful smell and is not at all sickly. The chocolate is quite a strong aroma and the mint is clearly discernable but without being in danger of overpowering the chocolate.  In my opinion, the scents are correctly proportionate in achieving its name ‘Mint Choc Shock’.  This mini candle will provide you with approximately 12-16 hours of burn time.
As yet, I have not got around to lighting my other purchases, but when I do, I will be sure to post a review!
Haith and Dee know their craft and they do it extremely well.  The other thing they know is how to treat people.  I actually do not feel like a customer, I feel like a friend.  They have a genuine interest in their customers and the people they talk to on Twitter.  In fact, they have built up quite a reputation because of their approachability, their friendliness and sense of humour!  I am thrilled to have discovered such a Great British company through Twitter.
With Mother’s Day shortly around the corner, Busy Bees’ range is sure to put a smile on your mum’s face.  If you cannot afford a large bouquet of spring flowers, why not try a Spring Bouquet candle?  And do not forget, Easter is also approaching!  If you have a lovely friend who is currently a member of Weight Watchers, why not buy them a Chocolate Fudge Brownie candle instead of tempting them with a chocolate egg!


With our thanks to Vicki for this blogpost – http://vickilousreviews.blogspot.com/

Busy Bee Candles is listed on the good websites page of verygoodservice.com


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