Euoko/Liberty update by Grace London (Guest blogger)

We enjoy reading real life stories about the way companies listed on have delivered a good customer service experience. Here is how Grace got on with Liberty Department Store

After my post on my disappointing customer service experience at the Euoko counter at Liberty, I was contacted separately by both a representative of Euoko and a customer services manager at Liberty.

Both of them apologised for the experience, and said that they would not expect a similar issue to be handled in the same way in the future. The Euoko representative offered to send me something to make up for the experience, which I declined (it was the same day, and I was still pretty cross.) Liberty have offered to send some gift vouchers, and as I do know the difference between cutting off your nose to spite your face and total self-decapitation, I haven’t knocked that back.I didn’t mind not getting a new product, but I did expect the sales representative of the brand to be there when I arrived when I said I would (perhaps I’m being overly critical here – she might have had to go to the loo or something, but I got the impression from her colleague that she wasn’t expected back any time soon) and if the solution was to replace the pump I’d have preferred to have seen it hygienically sealed, particularly when Euoko make a point of not over-using preservatives in their products. I’m trusting that this wouldn’t happen to someone else in a similar situation in the future, and I do still love the Liberty Beauty Hall, where I generally receive very good service.As for the moisturiser, Mr London reports that, “It does make my skin feel really nice.” Yeah, I’m happy for him.—–

With our thanks to Grace London  for this blog post – – Feb 2010

Liberty is listed on the UK department stores page of – as at February 2012


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