Service review: Thumbs Up for Sixt Rent a Car by Andrew Petcher (Guest blogger)

We appreciate stories about customer service and love to learn about the way companies listed on have provided a good customer experience. Here is Andrew Petcher’s experience with the car rental company, Sixt Rent a Car – It is an extract of his journal in which he narrates his journey through the Black Forest in winter conditions.


Upon return home I raised the issue of what I considered to be an excessive winter tyre charge in this journal and the reaction has left me speechless with admiration for Sixt Car Hire.

I have experienced the best customer service experience that I have ever had with a response from the Customer Services Manager in the United Kingdom who provided me with a clear explanation of the law relating to winter tyres and the company policy in respect to additional charges.  He also promised to raise the matter with the Company’s Commercial Director.

I have to say that although I paid too much for them I was really glad of the winter tyres as I am sure they made driving a much safer experience in quite tricky driving conditions and hopefully the Commercial Director will be as good as the Customer Services Manager and will give full consideration to my comments.


With our thanks to Andrew Petcher   for this blog post –  – Originally published in March 2010

Sixt Rent a Car is listed on the car hire page of – as at January 2012

One Response to “Service review: Thumbs Up for Sixt Rent a Car by Andrew Petcher (Guest blogger)”
  1. pellontyres says:

    hi i must declare that winter tyres are in my interest but i have been plugging on for years about the safety aspect of these tyres in all types of inclement weather, even here in the UK. It has now been recognised by the EU and i recon that we will all have to fit winter tyres to our cars within a couple of years, and in my opinion not before time. I have also bookmarked your excellent blog. thanks eric roberts

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