My Trabasack – Product review by Markinsutton (Guest blogger)

Here is Markinsutton’s experience with Trabasack.


trabasack review

I been looking for a new bag for my wheelchair for a while now. I have fairly large bag that hooks over the back of my chair which is nice if I have someone with me who can reach to the bottom of it and if I have to do loads of shopping but isn’t that practical for everyday use. Plus having to twist round to reach anything out the back of my chair hurts my back.

I decided I was going to take a look at what I could find at Naidex in London last year. What a disaster day that ended up becoming. I got held up at Victoria couldn’t get to next station needless to say I never made it to Naidex, I was gutted. Lucky for me Duncan Edwards the founder of Trabasack contacted me on Twitter. I am normally one who likes to look at things before I buy them to see whether or not they will work.. so I was a little nervous to buy a Trabasack without looking.

I was going to wait until Naidex Birmingham this year before buying a one but after a chat with Duncan on Twitter he suggested I buy a Mini Connect Trabasack as this would suit me the best. I wanted to use it to put my PDA/laptop in as well as somewhere to keep my keys and general tech I carry around to help me communicate. I also wanted something I could rest things down on my lap without them falling off onto the floor so Duncan suggested the connect surface would be ideal for me.

I ordered my Trabasack late on a Sunday night and it arrived in speedy delivery Tuesday morning. I was delighted as I wasn’t expecting it to arrived so quickly. Its in my nature when ever I get anything practical I buy new to find out what the limitations are of what I have brought. I do this with everything from Laptops, phones to bags and clothes.

I quickly got it out and put the Trabasack on my lap. First thing I noticed was how comfortable it felt. Normally with tables I had on my lap I used before I felt that they rock or don’t feel stable on my lap but the Trabasack didn’t have these problems. It was light yet stable on my lap. I was really starting to think wow, this is a good buy. This gave me an idea I could also use it in bed so racing into the bedroom I sat up in the bed put the Trabasack on my lap and open

up my laptop, Cool I thought! What also surprised me is normally when I lean over to get something from my side table my laptop takes a dive for the floor. This didn’t happen thanks to the design of Trabasack the surrounding edges stop things falling off even without the use Velcro surface.

After trying out a number of possible uses for the Trabasack and being able to put everything I want inside including my Laptop that fits perfectly I used it when I went shopping this week. Being able to keep everything in it rather than my coat or trouser pockets made it so much easier. For those who have ever had to use a wheelchair getting anything out your trouser pockets is not easy, especially door keys. I was delighted just how much I now used my Trabasack, the only regret I have is I didn’t buy one sooner. Not having to twist around in my chair to get things out my bag which is hooked on the back of my chair makes my life so much easier and pain free from having to keep twisting around all the time.

Trabasack is a great design and product for anyone. Even if you are not a wheelchair user its versatile to use and looks pretty cool too. I use mine everywhere from sat up in bed typing on my laptop  to eating my dinner on the sofa watching TV in the evening. I worried this sounds like a plug for Trabasack and no Duncan is not paying me to write this I just think it’s a wonderful product and one I would recommend to anyone.


With our thanks to Markinsutton  for this blog post – – Originally published in March 2011

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  1. Thanks for adding this review to your blog. Keep up the good work of finding the very best companies!

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