Sophies Steakhouse Restaurant Review – Chelsea SW10 by Tim (guest blogger)

We enjoy reading real life stories about the way companies listed on have delivered a good customer service experience. Here is how Tim got on with Sophies’ Steakhouse.


I do really like steak, but I always feel once you’ve been to somewhere like Gaucho Grill that other places don’t really deliver. I once had a Chateaubriand at this same place years ago, and it was a month after having another one at Belgo’s in Covent Garden (of all places!), so I was convinced Sophie’s would be better – and it wasn’t, really.

Came here on a Sunday night just a week ago, I kinda like the fact that whenever you come here you have to wait a little bit – it’s almost part of the experience, it gets you really hungry for when you finally sit down and order. I also really enjoy the lighting – just nice and dark, you feel when you’re sat at your table that no-one else can see you, and it probably helped getting a table right in the darkest corner.

Sophies London RestaurantFor starter we ordered Calamari – perfectly cooked, tasty, and came with a nice garlic mayo dip. The size was perfect for 2 hungry people to share without ruining mains.

For Mains we ordered the Black Angus Burger (£10) and a Full rack of ribs (£15). I reckon they  make you wait for a table so that when you choose between Half rack and Full rack, there’s only one decision to be made. I have to say, both choices were really impressive, the Burger was nice charred on the outside to give a really BBQ effect, and my Ribs were unfeasibly large, juicy, and extremely tasty. It’s one of those dishes that if you’re with a large group, people initially stare at the plate and then almost sympathetically look at you as if “he won’t finish that”. See that as a challenge, and don’t let anyone try and distract you with things like “conversation”, as your body will realise it’s full before you’ve finished them, and you will fail.

The only criticisms – the Proper steaks are really expensive. You may as well go to Gaucho’s if you pay that much (and at least benefit from such amazing things like humitas…). And Burgers in these places are always really plain – I think it must be a “proper meat” type of snobbery. If you want a burger around this part of London, go to Big Easy – and take the Onion Rings, Coleslaw and the rest of the goodies that Sophies “rises above” from.

4 stars out of 5 – The meat is amazing and that’s what you’re here for.


With our thanks to I’m not a Foodie for this blog post

One Response to “Sophies Steakhouse Restaurant Review – Chelsea SW10 by Tim (guest blogger)”
  1. Tim Mitchell says:

    Can I just add, seeing as we’re talking about Service – the waitresses and service here is really good, and the atmosphere is always great

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